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Contributor: ThinkFWD
Cross-platform tech and the modern classroom

Education IT specialists have traditionally worked under a single abiding principle: simplicity matters.

This paradigm narrowly defines the ideal IT environment: a single operating system supporting a single hardware platform, complemented by OS-specific applications, content and tools.

While schools have spent years debating which type of PC or OS to choose, something has changed inside education IT. The importance of single platform productivity is slowly fading, influenced by new consumer devices and increasingly complex end-user expectations.

In this new white paper, Lenovo explores the changing demands on IT specialists in secondary and tertiary education environments. It covers complexities these workers face daily, such as how to:

  • Stretch IT budgets to meet the changing needs of the institution
  • Allow users to connect to assessment, learning and teaching resources anywhere at any time
  • Meet end-user expectations over hardware choice and accessibility.

To learn more about how today’s educational IT specialists are rising to meet these challenges, read our new white paper Transforming Classrooms with Cross-Platform Technology