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Windows 10 Pro

Digital evolution has redefined the way organisations work. As the modern workplace continues to change, the need for greater security against data theft and malware, technology efficiency to meet modern IT requirements and not forgetting, big cost savings by reducing IT complexity are now business imperatives for organisations around the world.

With Microsoft Windows 7 reaching end of support in January 2020, there is no better time to upgrade your operating system (OS) to the most secure OS ever, Windows 10, as well as digitally enable your employees with the next generation devices powered by 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processors that allows them to work more efficiently than ever before – anywhere, anytime and any way.

Stay Up to Date
 - Stay Secure

Migrating to Windows 10 means receiving regular updates and support – including new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options and online technical content updates from Microsoft. With cyber-attacks getting more intense, running on Windows 10, the latest, most secure version of Windows ever is businesses’ safest bet.

Equipped with the Right Tools and Technologies

As Windows 10 works best on a powerful, modern device, businesses will be wise to choose from Lenovo’s long list of next generation devices that comes with a variety of form factors and design choices that helps them meet modern workspace demands and boost productivity – inspiring endless possibilities.

Spend Less, Save More

For businesses that insist on running the new Windows 10 on legacy devices, Lenovo Services team of experts are prepared to assist in providing smooth and seamless migration and deployment services to help save cost and enjoy a headache free migration experience.

All Windows 10 business versions come with these features

+/- Windows Trusted Boot

Windows 10 closes off the pathways that allow malware to hide by starting before the malware does. Windows trusted boot, used in combination with UEFI Secure Boot, helps make sure that your PC boots securely and that only trusted software can run during start-up.

+/- Windows Hello2

Windows Hello2 is a convenient enterprise-grade alternative to passwords that is designed for today’s mobile-first world. It uses a natural (biometrics) or familiar (PIN) means to validate a user’s identity using the devices they already have. It does not require additional external hardware such as a Smartcard, and/or infrastructure.

+/- BitLocker5

BitLocker5 and BitLocker to Go encrypt your data on your device and even on your USB drive, so you’re more protected.

+/- Windows Information Protection1

Windows Information Protection1 (WIP) makes it easier to safeguard your business data. WIP gates user and app access to protected data based on policies you define. So you can help protect data wherever it lives on your devices – without affecting your user experience.

+/- Conditional Access 3

The Windows Device Health Attestation cloud service used in conjunction with a management system such as Microsoft Intune4 can provide Conditional Access services that help prevent untrustworthy devices from gaining access to corporate resources.

+/- More personal

Windows 10 evolves the personal computer into more personal computing. With tools that learn how you work and adjust to your personal style, Windows 10 is one of the most productive platforms for business.