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New Lenovo storage: We make it easy

Lenovo Storage brings you the products you need, the choice you desire, the ease of implementation you require and the low price points to fit your IT budget. 

We understand that IT budgets are flat or shrinking and you may be working with fewer resources. Limited storage expertise can also make it difficult for you to respond to increased expectations. We’re here to make it EASY for you.  Our current announcements are no different. 

Lenovo Storage S2200/S3200

This feature-rich, high-performing storage-area network (SAN) is ready for demanding workloads in any environment (check out the Demartek evaluation on our S3200 array with multiple virtualized workloads). It delivers extreme performance, an easy-to-use GUI, thin provisioning, virtual snapshots, flash cache, virtualized storage and rapid RAID rebuild. Today, we’ve added asynchronous replication. With asynchronous replication, you can replicate volumes from one array to another (local or remote), receive 24/7 protection of your data and have a full disaster recovery solution. Whether you’re part of a large enterprise or a small business, if you need a simple, flexible and optimized SAN, the Lenovo S series can support your data needs. Learn more about these products on our web site.

IBM Storwize – Release 7.6

We know that businesses use different types of storage, so in addition to bringing you our own innovative solutions, we partner with IBM to provide IBM Storwize products. The IBM Storwize V3700, V5000 and V7000 have all been updated to provide Distributed RAID. Distributed RAID improves data protection and availability with significantly smaller rebuild time. You can read more about our full portfolio of Storwize products on our web site.


This is the biggest tape announcement from IBM since they first announced LTO in 2000. Tape technology is one of the most energy-efficient, portable, secure, long-term data storage solutions available. LTO7 is 87 percent faster and has 2.4X the capacity than LTO6. Lenovo offers a wide selection of tape storage products to meet your needs. Visit our web site to get more information. 

As you can see, Lenovo is here to make it EASY for you, no matter what your storage needs are. We will continue to build out our storage portfolio to bring you cost-effective and feature-rich storage products for all types of workloads. Please be sure to contact your Lenovo seller or business partner.

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