The cloud is everywhere. Just having it doesn’t set you apart. To get an edge, you need a partner who makes you work smarter with the Microsoft cloud.

Complete this assessment and we’ll help you understand how choosing Lenovo as your Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider will help you pay smarter, provision and manage smarter, support smarter, and transform smarter.


What smarts will you benefit from?

Complete the assessment to learn more about surrounding your cloud in smarts and receive a Lenovo Smart Clock.1 Plus, switch to Lenovo CSP and receive 10% off your Microsoft Office 365 bill2. Hurry! The first ten CSP customers will also be offered a free virtual Cloud Smarts Workshop3.

Complete assessment, be rewarded. Smart.

1Available for all completed assessments between June 8, 2020 to June 10, 2020. 2Introductory Offer - 10% discount promotion is valid from June 8, 2020 to June 30, 2020. Click here for eligible Commercial SKU’s. This discount offer is available for new Lenovo CSP customers only. 3Cloud Smarts Workshop - Receive a free 1-2 hour virtual health check on your cloud environment & ensure it is configured to best practice. Bookings required.

At Lenovo, we weren't born in the cloud.
We were born for it.

With decades of “smarts” running datacentres and delivering hardware and service offerings, we’ve nailed best practices in building, supporting, and managing environments from the desktop to the cloud.

When you choose Lenovo as your Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, you’re making your investment in the cloud work smarter.

Making your investment in the cloud work smarter.

Pay for the cloud.

More than ever before you need agility in your business.

Engineers providing
support. Smarter.

We’re embarking on an era where users are more tech savvy than ever.

Start something.

A great new idea. Or an amazing new hire.

Adopt new trends.

Cloud technology is the catalyst for new trends.

Pay for the cloud. Smarter.

More than ever before you need agility in your business. Contracting and expanding software licensing should be a no-brainer. If you turn something off today, you should stop paying today. ​Yet, often you’ve already paid for a month, or even a year, in advance!

Lenovo offers monthly billing pro-rated daily, so you can be agile with the confidence of cost efficiency. Choose Lenovo as your Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and pay smarter.

Microsoft 365 includes the productivity, collaboration and security tools you need – all in one. Help your teams do more with the tools they already know and trust but with the benefit of business-class cloud security and management.

See how Lenovo and Microsoft can transform your business

Why choose Lenovo? Why Microsoft Office 365? See how one company uses both to maximum advantage.

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Lenovo Wedderburn

  • Create a frictionless device setup
  • Improve the IT experience for employees

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Lenovo Microsoft Partnership

  • Reduce IT cost and effort
  • Decrease end-user downtime

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