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Your lesson could be out of this world

Ancient Rome? Outer space? Inside the human body?

Mixed Reality (MR) bridges conceptual learning with real-world learning. Whether exploring a volcano, taking apart an engine, understanding anatomy, or walking with the dinosaurs, it creates personalised, immersive experiences that are just not possible with traditional tools.

What is Windows
Mixed Reality?

Students wear a Lenovo Explorer headset and use motion controllers to interact with and explore virtual worlds, immersing themselves in learning.

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Students are more motivated when learning through Mixed Reality.

They find Windows Mixed Reality significantly more effective than traditional textbooks. And when using it, they improve understanding, attention span and engagement.

65% of students are
visual learners2
86% increase in test
scores when students
study using MR3
94% of teachers surveyed
believe MR will benefit
the classroom4

Windows Mixed Reality learning experiences

Travel back to 1465 and unearth the hidden secrets of Machu Picchu. Set off at dawn in a hot air balloon over Rome. Here are some opportunities with the Lenovo Explorer. Available from the Microsoft store.

Science & Maths

Lifeliqe K-12 science curriculum
HoloAnatomy The human body
Insight Heart For medical students
Galaxy Explorer Outer Space
Gravity Lab Physics
Minecraft Coding
Hello Mars Explore the terrain
theblu The wonder of the ocean

History & Geography

HoloTour Rome or Machu Picchu
Gala 360 Antarctica, Yosemite National Park, Rome, the Temple of the Goddess Hathor, Egypt, 360-degree photos from Mars
Walk the World with your Explorer headset

Creativity & Design

Actiongram Make mixed reality videos
HoloSketch Build holographic experiences
Fragments Solve a crime
Project Island Create an MR App
MoveStudio Dance in a virtual world
Fantastic Contraption Solve problems in a virtual world

What do I need to start teaching with Windows Mixed Reality?

You really only need two things. First, a Lenovo Explorer headset. Second, a device with a graphics card and performance level that is powerful enough to run mixed reality learning experiences. See the table below for more detail on suitable devices.

Explorer Headset

Lightweight and comfortable
At just 380g this adjustable headset is ideal for students to wear without noticing it.

Up and running in minutes
If you’re running the latest version of Windows 10, simply plug the Lenovo Explorer headset into a single USB 3.0 and HDMI slot on a supported computer. Then follow the on-screen commands to get up and running in around 2-3 minutes.

Supports different learning styles
Lenovo Explorer gives students a choice in how they interact with the virtual world – through motion controllers, Xbox controller, Keyboard and mouse or Cortana voice commands.

Find the right device for the Lenovo Explorer

Miix 520

Refresh rate: 60Hz
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 620

ThinkPad P71

Refresh rate: 90Hz
GPU: NVIDIA® Quadro® P3000M 6GB discrete graphics


Refresh rate: 90Hz
GPU: GTX1080 graphics card

ThinkStation P520c

Refresh rate: 90Hz
GPU: NVIDIA® Quadro® P1000

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