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bring out
the best in
every student

bring out the best in every student

From budding scientist to creative genius, there's a Lenovo Windows 10 laptop for everyone.

Designed for 'no compromise' learning, Lenovo laptops come at a range of price points and performance levels - right up to the latest 2-in-1 laptops with multi-touch screens, digital pens and facial recognition security. So, the only question is: which one is right for you? Ask our configurator to find out.


Lenovo Windows 10 laptops all come with ruggedised casing, weigh less than 1.6kg in the school backpack and have more than enough battery life for a school day.

Explore the possibilities

These short how-to videos reveal how Windows 10 Lenovo laptop and Microsoft software bring learning to life in contemporary, engaging ways.

Collaboration your way

See how Teams and OneNote let you chat, share, co-edit and co-create with classmates in the cloud.

Coding that’s cool

Minecraft is much more than a game, it can teach you to code the next killer app – and have fun while you learn.

Paint 3D make an impact

If you thought 3D was too difficult for you, think again! Discover how easy it is to create incredible 3D models and impressive homework.

Managing a class set

How to use InTune with express set-up to manage and secure a class set of Windows 10 Lenovo laptops the easy way.

key considerations

Six things to think about when choosing your Lenovo Windows 10 laptop for school.

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touch screen?

Perfect if you like to browse and flip though files quickly. Look for Multitouch if you want pinch and zoom control.

Digital Pen?

Essential if you want to take notes by hand, sketch and brainstorm.

Versatile form factor?

Need to change the way you work for different tasks or classes. Choose a Yoga or 2-in-1 that swivels effortlessly from tablet to laptop.

Security conscious?

Choose a laptop with our match-on-chip touch fingerprint reader and optional IR Camera for facial login.

World-facing camera?

All Lenovo laptops have HD webcams, but some models also have a world-view camera to capture video front-on. Handy for videoing a class activity, or science experiment, for example.

Ready for anything?

If you’re looking to attach different peripherals like microscopes, musical keyboards and graphics tablets, choose a model that supports multiple ports (USB, HDMI, etc.)