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Keep Mobile in Mind

Stay competitive with mobile workstations.

IF YOU’RE NOT PREPARED TO WORK ANYWHERE, your competitors might be. Mobile workstation speeds increasingly compete with basic desktop workstations. More and more, engineers are finding they don’t have to choose between power and portability.

According to Lenovo’s Tom Salomone, more than two-thirds of design engineers with mobile computers also use a desktop workstation. “Most people have mobile and desktop workstations,”Salomone says. “Mobile still has some limitations. People want bigger screens and access to more options; what’s happened is they are putting more on the desktop to get better productivity, and you can’t carry all of that.” At the same time, engineers appreciate the ability to take their work on the road, or even just down the hall.

With the prices for mobile power dropping, design engineers are finding fewer reasons to not make mobile part of their design arsenal.

Here are 4 reasons why you might consider a  mobile workstations:

  1. ISV Certified
    Workstations support a wide range of independent software vendor applications for a seamless computing experience.
  2. Complements Your Desktop Workstation
    Your desktop is the go-to machine that keeps your business going. With a mobile workstation, you can access and run most of the same applications your desktop does while you’re on the go.
  3. Get Intensive With Your Graphic Strictly Business
    Workstations can handle intense graphic applications, especially those associated with advanced rendering and special effects.
  4. Strictly Business
    If you’re looking to focus on the work, go for the solution that has work in its name. Enhanced multitasking, faster processing, and top-level security features make mobile workstations ideal for staying productive on the job.
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