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The everyday ThinkPad daredevil

In life, there are those of us who play it safe. We’re cautious, collected, and conservative with our actions. Then, there are some of us who are bold, gutsy, and fearless.

This article first appeared on the Lenovo blog:

Here at Lenovo, we’ve been diving into rigorous research about our user base and we’ve concluded that there’s a specific power user of the Lenovo ThinkPad. We introduce: The everyday ThinkPad daredevil.

Come now, you know this person well. Look deep into the HD webcam of your ThinkPad and know thyself.

As a brazen ThinkPad owner, you’re not entirely reckless but you’re also not afraid to get the most out of your ThinkPad. You know your ThinkPad can do more and you’re the first to put it to the test. Others can probably tell you apart from the crowd, you everyday ThinkPad daredevil.

You’re the one working on your ThinkPad in the 104 degree desert while everyone else is playing it safe indoors.

You’re the regular MacGyver on family vacations, turning your ThinkPad into a tripod to snag that family photo. Sometimes, when you’re feeling especially brave, you might substitute your ThinkPad for a monopod…in the office, often leaving bewildered co-workers in your wake. 

You’re the one confidently setting your uncovered mug of coffee right next to your ThinkPad keyboard. Always the wild one, you aren’t afraid of a little, or even a big, splash. And why should you be? You know your ThinkPad can withstand even the most extreme spill test. 

Since your ThinkPad can handle high altitudes and intense mechanical shock, you throw caution to the wind when it comes to intense heights. You find enjoyment in letting your ThinkPad dangle precariously on the edge of your desk. 

Learn more about the durability of your beloved ThinkPad with this free video. 


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