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Contributor: ThinkFWD
Ultra-Fast Data Access Is The Key To Unleashing Full Big Data Potential

Discover how your customer data can bring business opportunity.

The proliferation of big data generated by enterprise applications, consumer web/mobile apps, and the Internet of Things (IoT) has afforded an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to know more about their customers than ever before. Interest and excitement about big data is on the rise, and online public discussion about big data has steadily increased over the past year as the market has become more passionate about big data and the prospect of using it.

SAP and Lenovo commissioned Forrester Consulting to explore the hypothesis that most businesses are only analyzing a small part of the data available to them, the result of which is significant missed opportunities to better serve customers and improve business outcomes. 


Forrester’s study yielded four key findings:

› Customer insight is the top priority for data processing and analysis.

› Seventy percent of available data is unanalyzed.

› Enterprises are adopting Hadoop but continue to face persistent challenges with data access, preparation, and analysis.

› Businesses want faster processes and time-to-insight as they look to improve big data practices 

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