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Contributor: ThinkFWD
Lenovo among highest rated in customer satisfaction and reliability

Reliability means money saved, and this year, more than ever, there many variables that can effect your infrastructure’s reliability.

This review, compiled by Information Technology Intelligence Consulting (ITIC) of reliability is completely thorough and compares the reliability of 14 major server platforms, 18 server operating system distributions and 11 server hardware virtualisation layers. Reliability is measured as both availability as a percentages as well as hours of downtime per month and per week.

Lenovo Systems achieved ‘five nines or 99.999%’. How do the other companies measure up? Can you afford not to know?

ITIC take a close look at the key variables or technology issues that effect reliability: security, disaster recovery and business continuity, while also look at the latest trends. Some, such as time spent manually patching errors are indeed alarming.

Download the report here, and see why Lenovo are among best in class.