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Contributor: ThinkFWD
EduTECH 2016: Queensland Brain Institute powers deep learning with Lenovo

Modelling how the brain works is a computationally intensive task, but the Queensland Brain Institute at the University of Queensland has managed do this in silico or in a computer.


Deep learning, which are neural networks made up of many deep layers between input and output, underpin this modelling to be able to understand how the brain functions. But the success of such models heavily depends on the amount of computing power available and large volumes of data.


The institute is leveraging Lenovo’s x3650 server with two K80 Nvidia graphics cards to power brain models, with CPUs inside the sever box reaching over 90 per cent utilisation.


Jake Carroll, senior IT manager at the University of Queensland, discusses how he was able to technically support this pioneering field of research.

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